Beauty Tips For Brides

All eyes are on the bride, so of course you want to look your best! With a few simple tips for getting gorgeous, you can focus on having fun.
Beauty tips for the big day

When a bride walks down the aisle, her entire body is on display. With photo sessions looming, a bride-to-be most often seeks clear, photogenic skin.
When it comes to arranging a pre-wedding beauty plan, “make prioritizing your needs your first step,” says patricia tortolani senior editor for allure magazine. “If you have problematic skin, booking appointments with your dermatologist should be first on your list. If your skin is under control but you are a naturally tense person, your masseuse will be your best friend in the coming months.”

The best wedding dress for your shape

Before you try to radically alter your figure in the name of the trumpet dress, take heart in knowing that gowns come in every shape and style.

Before they try to radically alter their figure in the name of the trumpet dress, they should take heart in knowing that gowns come in every shape and style, and that certain silhouettes can work their magic on that larger bustline or those Rubenesque hips.

New styles bring glamour to the dreaded bridesmaid dress

Keeping it short and sweet at knee-length and tea-length hems was the overarching trend for bridesmaid dresses for the past five years, a welcome alternative to the less flattering, bulbous, balloon-sleeved dresses once foisted on these helpless attendants.

The fun and flirty bridesmaid dress is going glamorous with longer styles as the fabled walk down the aisle for even the bridesmaid is getting dressier.
Grooms need grooming, too

Although the bride traditionally goes in for the primping, getting spiffed up can make grooms feel more confident on their wedding day. And you’ll quickly discover there’s nothing like a little TLC from a spa staff to relax you.

Here are the top four grooming treatments experts suggest men receive to become their wedding-day best.

More brides turning to extensions for wedding day hairdos

The wedding gown isnt the only item getting altered when it comes to a brides ensemble. Hair options abound and more and more brides are heaping on extensions for longer, fuller manes to crown their milestone moment.

While updos are still a romantic bride’s favorite way to frame her face, the temptation of flowing, shampoo commercial-worthy hair is an option thats also hard to resist for a hair-challenged bride.

Calling all princesses: The veil is back

Picture-perfects brides, who once dismissed the veil as obtrusive and dated, are now embracing the headpiece in all its glory.