Reducing Harm Adolescent Health

Lots of interesting things when talking about teen issues. Among a large enough population that is 18.3% of the total population. Meanwhile, the most unique is the rapid growth and development of the physical, psychological and social environment in which they are entering a period filled with high stress levels, the period of puberty.

Compared with the health of the other age groups, adolescent health issues are more complex because it is associated with the onset of puberty. A Department of Health research in 2007 showed that the rate of anemia in children aged bawah14 year 9.8% of the 43 million teens. Meanwhile, the young age of 15 years, 19.7% women and 13.1% men.

Meanwhile, another study conducted by the government in 2010, showed that the age of first smoking among adolescents is in the range of 15-19 years. In the 2007 survey the number of smokers in the age range of about 33% as compared to the most recent survey increased by 10% to 43.3% of total participants.

Similarly, the prevalence of premarital sex. According to Ministry of Health quarterly report, up to September 2011 the largest percentage of cumulative AIDS cases are in the age group of 20-29 (47.8%).

Meanwhile, according to Susenas (2007) High incidence of maternal and perinatal risks that directly contributed teens is the highest compared to the age group lainnya.Salah one cause various problems caused by the knowledge of adolescents about Healthy Lifestyle and adolescent reproductive health is still lacking and inaccurate.

It required a health education as part of efforts to enhance the understanding, knowledge, attitudes, and positive behavior school-age children and teens about adolescent health, especially reproductive health.

Expected to know the correct information and its risks, school-age children and adolescents may be more responsible for themselves and their surroundings.

Adolescent Health Care is an opportunity to create the next generation of quality. The quality of future generations is determined by the role of youth in all sectors Sa’at observer with appropriate interventions. By doing efforts Adolescent Health Services we have to invest the assets of the nation.