Powerful Ways to Prevent Eating Too Much

For culinary connoisseurs, surely you enjoy eating moments, especially some of the menu that has never been tried before. But sometimes you have lost consciousness while eating.

Loss of consciousness is meant when it is not aware that you have put a lot of calories into the body. For example, while enjoying a film, typically one would not realize that he continued to chew the food until the film is over.

That could make the worry is, overeating is not just happening at the time the condition ‘not aware’, but also happens when you’re too focused on the dishes that will be consumed. If allowed to continue then the weight, body circumference, and weight will be in danger.

If you are experiencing the same thing, the results of the scientists in the Netherlands could be the answer to these problems. Their results were reported by GeniusBeauty Flavour and published in the Journal suggests that the smell of food and the texture of the food will be the deciding factor of how much someone is going to eat it.

Many chew
Apparently the trick is already known by many people. Usually, those who are under weight loss will choose foods with a texture that is more difficult to chew, such as foods that contain lots of fiber such as whole grains, vegetables, and fruit.

In this study also shows that the longer a person used to chew food, then people tend to eat less and are easier to control the amount of food consumed. Another advantage is, chewing food with texture a little more difficult to make a person feel full longer.

Make your food flavorful
There are some people who think that the smell of food can make one’s appetite increases. However, in this study the results shown are the smell of food can precisely control one’s appetite.

Researchers from the Netherlands is conducting experiments on a group of volunteers who were given the same desserts, but the sharpness of different scents. The volunteers who enjoy a more fragrant dessert, apparently eat less.

The results showed that giving a sharper flavor in food can reduce consumption by 5-10 percent. This trick will work because by eating foods that lack flavor, it will make a person feel not enough, and will most likely increase the amount of food consumed.

Powerful an easy way can help you to maintain weight and prevent overeating.