Natural Cosmetics Top Secret Of Beauty

As said by Gabriela Mistral Beauty… is the shadow of God on the universe.
Although Beauty is only skin deep but everyone on this Earth be it a human being, animal or plant has got the right to look beautiful

Everybody longs to have a healthy body, sparkling eyes, soft hair and soft skin and thus become an attractive personality. In the market we get many products which can make us look gorgeous head to toe and mesmerize the world. Current trend shows people getting inclined towards the use of natural cosmetics in comparison to the man-made creams, lotions, serums etc.

Nature has variety of products in its lap to make us beautiful and look dazzling in the crowd. And yes we shouldn�t underestimate them.

Natural Cosmetics are cosmetics generated from things acquired from nature. They may either be used in their real forms or may be derivatives from the natural things. Nature has got end numbers of products which can are used for making different types of cosmetics. Natural cosmetics are extracts of botanies and are free from chemical ingredients and processes. They are even known as herbal cosmetics.

In previous times, only natural products were used for skin treatments and hair remedies or even to cure ailments. Turmeric, neem, tusli had their names used in all beauty treatments. People used fuller�s earth (multani mitti), amla, reetha, shikakai to hair in forms of shampoo or hair packs. Then came a time, when the dependability on man made products increased. People started using all sorts of creams, lotions, hair oils which became very famous gradually. But they often contain toxics and chemical potent substances which can harm our skin to a great extent. People are growing aware of the dangers of these chemical based products. There are many problems created by them like skin allergies, swelling, itching etc. Experts have even claimed that products containing petroleum can cause skin cancers. And yes they are expensive too.

With so many disadvantages people have again switched over to natural products. There is a vast variety of natural products offered and we can choose them according to our requirements. In market, natural products are available in the form of hair packs, hair oil, shampoos, conditioners, face packs, creams, scrubs, moisturizers, body oils, foot creams, massage creams, anti-ageing creams etc.. They promise to pamper us and all our senses and transform our lives.

There are thousands of natural products or plant extracts used and available in the market, out of which, I am mentioning a few which are popular amongst us. To start with just wander your kitchen and you will find many like yoghurt, milk cream, eggs, honey, fruit and vegetable extracts which bring natural glow without any side effects. The others are Aloe Vera, Calamine, Calendula Oil, Clay, Cocoa Powder, Glycerin, Jojoba oil, Wheat Germ Oil and many more. They all have different enriching qualities and functions but one thing in common of giving your skin a toned and relaxed look.

Available in large varieties everywhere, these products have earned a name for themselves. In India some well known brands providing us this product line are: Shahnaz Husain, Kaya Kalp, Body shop, Biotique, Lotus Herbals, Oriflame, and Avon. So whom are you waiting for, gorgeous!! Who knows you may be the girl next door. Come feel the difference in you and the difference in the eye�s of others.