Natural Antibiotics There Is Around Us

What was envisioned nearly everyone when the word ‘bacteria,’ which must have been imagined in the minds of living beings are very small and cause disease. In fact, not all bacteria are bad.

Although a micro biologist, Anne Maczulak asserted, that man can not live without bacteria. But the author of “Allies and Enemies: How the World Depends in Bacteria ‘also explained that most of the bacteria studied in the context of human disease.

This is what makes people tend to think about the dangers of bacteria so they invented drugs to fight bacteria and weaken. However, sources antibiotics not only be gained by taking the drug.

Some foods are known to contain antibiotic substances that can help cleanse the blood and kill the bad bacteria naturally. In terms herbalogic , this antibiotic is a substance called astringent.


According to records, as late as 3,500 years ago onions used in the world of medicine. Herbs this one has a strong antibiotic and helps reduce diseases caused by bacterial contamination.

Hundreds of studies published mention onions are naturally protective components nervous and cardiovascular system, improve immune function, fight growth, and help the healthy hormone function.

Take advantage of the power of garlic to eat them every day. Although the actual raw onion contains many nutritious components, but the onions are processed quickly abortion was much reduced.


Activity collecting honey is said to have been held since 10,000 years ago. Proof of this is the opinion containing findings of an image on a wall in a cave in Valencia, Spain.

Honey works as a natural antibiotic can defeat deadly bacteria. Honey is very acidic so it is not suitable for the growth and proliferation of bacteria. Honey also produces hydrogen peroxide which is an incredible antiseptic.

Viscosity of honey contains little water produces a process called osmosis where the honey will absorb water from bacteria and dry. Antibiotic substances in honey is also useful to defeat disease pathogens causing infections.


Green tea is a beverage that has been known for a long time and one of the favorite drinks

Egyptian society. According to study results presented at the Society for General Microbiology in Edinburgh, Scotland, green tea can make antibiotics

become more effective tripled against resistant bacteria or bacteria that have super though. Green tea itself does not contain antibiotics, but the most powerful group.

Most helps digestion or decomposition rotten thing. Meanwhile, a small portion of bacteria that can cause disease in humans, animals, and plants are bacteria called pathogens.

Bacteria can be found almost everywhere, except at a sterile site, such as the flow of blood and bone marrow. Their natural habitat is in soil, vegetation, water, skin, and the digestive tract of humans and animals.