Journey to the Office of Disease Caused

When you’re feeling sick and tired with your daily activities while commuting to work, especially if you’re stuck a jam, then there is a bad for you.

According to a study released in the “American Journal of Preventive Medicine” and performed in the United States, the routine and the long journey from home to work can make you experience a disruption in the body’s metabolism and also the system. Some of these disorders are high blood pressure, waist circumference is growing, and also some disorders that may increase the risk of chronic diseases.

“The long journey that routine can really affect the body, so it will interfere with a person’s health,” said lead researcher Christine Hoehner, assistant professor of public health sciences at Washington University, as quoted Oktomagazine of Time.

The study was conducted by running a study in three Texas cities that can only be reached by car. The three cities are Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin. The team conducted research to gather data about the distance that has been taken by 4300 people living in the three cities. They also collect information related to their everyday circumstances, such as frequent exercise and cholesterol levels.

Based on these data, the research team revealed that they were to travel farther, have a tendency to be less physically active. Conclusions are not associated with several factors that can affect the condition of a person, such as age, race, education level, and number of family members.

Another conclusion obtained by the research team is also quite surprising. Those who drive and a distance of 30 miles (approximately 48.28 miles) has a chance to develop obesity, so it tends to increase the size of the waist. According to the report, men tend to have a waist measuring 1 meter. While women will have 0.89 meters of waist circumference.

In addition to waist size, blood pressure will also be affected by the distance you traveled each day. Even those who only cover an average distance of 32 km per day, could be at risk of high blood pressure. The researchers say these conditions in terms of pre-hypertension are more days could be increased.

Hoehner and his colleagues revealed that they do not know clearly about the causes of the rise in blood pressure. However, some of the opinions that have been circulating frequently mentioned that distress in the face of congestion and stress can raise blood pressure.

Another thing that can cause a person develops hypertension is eating and sleeping habits are starting to change. Hoehner said that at least the time to rest during the trip and the lack of time to eat healthful meals, helped the cause of the increase in tension.

Dr. Karol Watson, a cardiologist at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, said that the new research is one of the most important research. He mentioned that the results of these studies have added information about the things we do not know as long as we spend time on the road each day.

Based on the study, Dr. Watson says that we have to start changing all of our daily habits. “I never took the elevator and the stairs every day while at work. Little things like that can add one important thing in our bodies, “said Dr. Watson on his habit. “I also always keep healthy snacks in the car, such as nuts, which can add protein and healthy fats.”

“You can not change your route or the fact that you should always work behind a desk every day,” said Dr. Watson. “Driving a car to work has become a part of your life. However, the time to walk can become one new habit in their daily activities. “