How To Apply To A Beauty College

In many ways, applying to a beauty college is just like applying to a regular four year college or university. There are usually application fees involved, and sometimes beauty college applicants are even required to write essays. That said, because beauty colleges are significantly different than the other types of training academies and universities, there are some differences that applicants should consider.

First and foremost, you should decide which type of specialization you want. Unless you are looking for a well rounded general education in every area of esthetics, you should consider only applying to beauty colleges that will give you the in depth knowledge of your area of interest. For example, some schools specialize in makeup application, leaving the topics of hair styling and nail technology untouched.

Next, take a tour of the schools that you are thinking of applying to. Check out the facilities, and note whether or not the equipment they have is up to date. Also make a mental note of the average class size. The smaller the class, the more hands on training you will receive at the beauty college. Most importantly, make sure that the schools you are applying to have a good reputation in the industry. The better the reputation, the more likely you are to land a job at an upscale salon where you will make the most money.

Once you have the application packets in hand, its time to start figuring out how youre going to pay for the tuition and expenses associated with attending a beauty college. Beyond regular tuition, youll have to purchase your own tools (and high quality scissors arent cheap!). The earlier you start applying for scholarships, the better your chances of winning some of them. Also, figure out what kind of financial aid package each beauty college is willing to offer.

Because many beauty colleges will ask for your high school transcripts and letters of recommendation, be prepared to present them. Most places will also ask for a couple different forms of identification, so have your drivers license and birth certificate handy.

As youre completing your applications to beauty colleges, make sure you understand all of the questions that are being asked. If anything is unclear or if youre not sure how to answer some of the questions, call the school and ask for a clarification before finishing and submitting your application. Finally, double check your applications for errors and submit them before the deadlines.