Holiday Good For Health

After going through the day-to-day fun in the holidays, this time you are definitely busy with preparations for entering the work routine. Vacation is not just out of bed and move home to the tourist destination. Vacationing more than that.

Holidays can also be used as a forum for gathering with family and establish communications that have had interrupted.

Holiday activities are not just fun, holiday will provide many benefits to you. What are the benefits of vacation? Here are the benefits you can get from a vacation:

Live longer
A study conducted State University of New York, found that men who took annual vacations reduce the risk of death by 20% and risk of death from heart disease by 30%. While men are not taking a vacation in five years, has the highest mortality rate and incidence of heart disease.
Improve your mental health
A study by the Wisconsin Medical Journal found that women who like to vacation, less likely to feel depressed, tense, or tired. While women who rarely make the holiday more likely to have stress at home and sleep less.
A study conducted at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. They say that women are traveling out of town (two times or more in one year) is likely to prevent heart disease eight times smaller than those who did not. Another study published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, says women are often recreation has a smaller waist circumference and lower body mass index. Not to stop there, the study says that people who are on vacation have a better quality of sleep.
Work Better
Vacations can make your work performance to be better in the office. With a high level of excitement and a fresh mind then someone will be more ready to return to work.
Finding new inspiration
For almost a year you do the routine that’s it and it is scheduled, dinner at the same restaurant, seeing the same people, the same environment, etc.. This reduces the chance you to think creatively and have a new inspiration. Therefore, the holiday is a good opportunity to look for new inspiration, with traveling to a foreign environment, we put ourselves in a new situation and allows our brain to think differently.

The point is to take your time to enjoy the holidays this year with your beloved family. In addition to strengthen ties between family members, vacations are also beneficial to your health and of course fun.