Habiebie and Ainun The Movie

Faozan Rizal, better known for his direction of cinematography for films like Kick of Heaven (2011), The Perfect House (2011) and Paper Boat (2012), conducted through a film titled debut directing & Ainun Habibie lifted from autobiography same title by former President of the Republic of Indonesia, Jusuf Habibie Bacharuddin. Regardless of life B.J. Habibie covered with a lot of political intrigue, Habibie & Ainun story was more focused on the personal life of the former president, especially the rise and fall of a relationship he have with his deceased wife. Reinforced with the script of directives Ginatri S. Noer and Ifan Adriansyah Ismail, Rizal Faozan & Ainun Habibie managed to steer into a love story that is not only warm, but also able to forge such a strong emotional connection with the audience.
It has long been studying in Germany since his father’s death in 1955, Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, or are familiar with the name calling Rudi (Reza Rahadian), returned to Indonesia in 1962 to leave while his research in the doctor’s degree in engineering due to tuberculosis which he suffered. His return that, Rudi reunited with Hasri Ainun Besari, or more familiarly called by Ainun (Citra Lestari Bunga), a girl who is also a physician and formerly had been a school friend Rudi when his junior high school. Equally mutually attracted to each other, it did not take long for Rudi and Ainun to then continue their relationship into marriage. Shortly thereafter, Rudi then brought Ainun to live with him in Germany.
Along with long lasting happy marriage, where Rudi later blessed with two sons, his career is also able to accelerate quickly. After getting his doctor’s degree – with a thesis related to aerospace engineering won many accolades, Rudi was then invited by many aircraft manufacturers to work on them. A very good chance, but love Rudi in his homeland has made him determined to build an airplane for his country. That opportunity finally came in 1973 when the President of the Republic of Indonesia at the time, Suharto, asked him to return to Indonesia and apply intelligence to build a state – which is also the beginning of Rudi’s involvement in politics in Indonesia.
Admittedly, unlike most other romance drama, the storyline Habibie & Ainun not much romance filled with intrigue and conflict and dramatic life. The love story that presented the film is likely to be too simple and familiar. Lucky, written manuscripts Habibie & Ainun able dealt with well by Ginatri S. Noer and Ifan Adriansyah Ismail. Ginatri and Ifan able to put together the fabric of romance and Ainun Habibie character with a very warm, fill it with fresh comedies that can make the two characters becomes very easy for a once successful favored slowly able to establish an emotional tangle with the audience. Minimalist conflicts presented is also able to nicely laid out – from the conflict that comes from their relationship to the political element in the lives of the characters Habibie began to affect the marriage – and then presented in a delivery flow very smoothly.
As a director, Rizal Faozan executions against Habibie & Ainun storyline capable of making this film flows with the rhythm of the narrative proper. Walking with a modest tempo, Faozan provide enough space for the audience to get to know the two main characters in the film and provides a row of conflicts in their lives that will finally be able to immerse the audience’s hearts. Faozan also have the support system is excellent cinematography from Ipung Rachmat Syaiful who succeeded in presenting a row of pictures are so beautiful and able to support the emotion you want presented in many scenes in this movie. Although some times it still feels too hyperbolic in order mus present splendor, but the musical direction of Tya Subiakto Satrio also capable of being an excellent complementary element to the story & Ainun Habibie. Other technical Tata able to stand out is the artistic direction that can bring the atmosphere of Germany and Indonesia in the past with very convincing.
Serve as Habibie, Reza Rahadian once again proved that he is the best actor owned Indonesia for now. Reza is able to turn Habibie with impeccable character – ranging from body gestures, emotional disposition to poetic characteristics. Chemistry he intertwine with Justin Lestari – who also appeared in that capacity certainly will not disappoint – manages to look very convincing. Reza relationships and Flowers was able to bring the audience to a variety of emotional levels that are present throughout the narrative film. While performing with a minimal portion of the story, such as the presence of a supporting actor Ratna Riantiarno, Mike Lucock, Vita Mariana Barazza, Teuku Rifnu Wikana to Hanung Bramantyo also able to strengthen the quality of the acting department performance & Ainun Habibie.
In directing debut, Faozan Rizal was able to prove that he was not just able to capture beautiful images for each movie. Habibie & Ainun also proved that he is a pretty good storyteller. Powered manuscript story Ginatri direction S. Noer and Ifan Adriansyah Ismail, Faozan capable of stringing love story between the characters and Ainun Habibie so alluring, warm and emotional in many parts. It can not be denied also that looks fantastic Reza Rahadian further strengthen the quality of the overall presentation of the film. It is very rare to find adult romance drama Indonesia really mature, grounded and natural walking like Habibie & Ainun. Habibie & Ainun can shot a best drama romance Indonesia so far this year.