Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Raw meat and seafood

Raw or undercooked meat and seafood may Contain coliform bacteria, salmonella and toxoplasmosis. Be sure to always thoroughly cook meat and seafood. If reheating leftovers, make sure the food is steaming hot. Hotdogs, luncheon meats and other deli meats (such as ham and bacon) are safe to eat if cooked thoroughly, however it is best to limit the consumption due to its high nitrite levels.

Fish high in mercury

Although fish and seafood Contain important Nutrients like protein and omega3 that is Necessary during pregnancy, high mercury levels may cause birth defects and developmental delays. Therefore it is best to limit your intake of fish and seafood. Predatory fish (fish that eats other fish) would generally have higher mercury levels. Avoid fish like shark, king mackerel, swordfish, and tilefish.

Limit your average seafood intake to two meals (around 340 g per week) and choose those lower in mercury like salmon, catfish and shrimp. Be sure to cook them thoroughly before eating therefore it is best to avoid sushi and sashimi.

Raw eggs

Raw eggs Contain Salmonella and Listeria therefore be sure to cook egg-containing dish to at least 75 ° C. Homemade mayonaisse, caesar dressings or ice cream may Contain undercooked eggs. Desserts such as tiramisu, Souffles, and mousses may Contain raw eggs so is best to be avoided. Creme brulee and caramel custard Usually however are fine.

Unpasteurised milk

Unpasteurised milk may Contain Listeria roomates can cross through the placenta and infecting the fetus even Causing miscarriage. So the make sure you only drink pasteurized milk.

Soft cheeses

Soft cheeses made from unpasteurised milk are hence must be avoided. These cheeses are Usually white in color. Examples are Brie, Camembert, feta, gorgonzola, and roquefort. Yellow hard cheeses like cheddar are fine.

Unwashed vegetables

Salads are generally fine but it is better to prepare your own salads. Be sure to have washed them thoroughly and remove the Withered parts. Avoid buffets and wash salads in pre-packaged salads. Raw uncooked sprouts (bean sprouts, afalfa, radish) is not safe to be consumed during pregnsncy. Make sure you cook sprouts thoroughly.


Although most studies show that moderate consumption of caffeine is ok, caffeine has been associated with miscarriages, low birth weight and premature birth. Caffeine also is a diuretic (Causing high urine output) may roomates Contribute to water and calcium loss. Therefore it is best to refrain from drinking caffeinated beverages (coffee and tea) completely especially during your first trimester.


NO amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy as it may cause birth defects and developmental delays. Alcohol should also be avoided during breastfeeding.