Drinking Coffee Can Extend Your Age

For some people, coffee has become one of the most important start to the day. A cup of coffee can be a trigger for you to deal with the activities and routines. But apparently, the coffee not only be a body refreshment. Thanks to the observations made by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the experts said that coffee can reduce the risk of death.

“Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages, both in the United States or around the world,” said the lead researcher, as quoted Oktomagazine of Time. “Coffee is a beverage that contains caffeine, a stimulant that makes it not included in the category of drinks that are too useful. But it must be admitted, that coffee is rich in antioxidants and other bioactive substances. ”

In some previous studies, scientists have found a variety of opinions on the coffee drinking habits with the risk of death. “Many opinions alarming increase in the risk of death from drinking coffee on a regular basis. However, we found evidence against this opinion, “said Dr. Neal Freedman of the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

In the observational study also led by Dr. Freedman, experts from NCI analyzed 229,119 men and 173,141 women aged between 50 years to 71 years. They were all asked to complete a questionnaire about their habit of drinking coffee. The question was made in the period 1995-1996. Since then, researchers continue to observe their activities until December 2008.

From these results, the researchers divided the participants directly into 10 categories based on a lot of coffee they consume in a day which ranged from zero to seven cups. The data also clarify whether the participants drank regular coffee or decaf coffee (decaf).

After a thorough investigation of the data they collected, the team finally managed to find the numbers that turned out to be quite interesting. The men who drank three cups of coffee per day has been successful in reducing the risk of death by 10 percent compared to those who did not drink. Women who drank six cups or more per day, has decreased the risk by 15 percent.

From the report was compiled, the experts also found other facts. Most of the coffee drinkers were smokers who had a habit of eating red meat and alcoholic beverages. However, the team focuses its research on coffee and not on other habits. Evidently, the little coffee drinkers are at risk of dying from heart attack, respiratory disease, stroke, and diabetes.

However, the researchers said that the research they do is an observational study. They asserted that the researchers could not conclude that habitual coffee consumption may reduce the risk of death. However, when examined further, the researchers said that the risk is reduced depends on the content contained in the coffee we drink.

“There are over 1,000 different content in coffee beans that can have an influence in our bodies,” said Dr. Freedman. “Caffeine is a substance that the most popular and most widely studied. However, we say that caffeine has nothing to do with the study. Our conclusion is taken as a decreased risk of mortality was experienced by those who drank decaffeinated coffee. ”

“How to serve coffee is also very influential,” said Dr. Freedman. “Some people love espresso, some are fanatical about French press. From the second way of presentation just now, there’s a difference between the substances out of coffee and we have not been able to examine the substances reacting them. ”

Dr. Freedman reiterated that in doing research observation and was released in the New England Journal of Medicine, he never asked us to start the habit of drinking coffee. “There are many substances in coffee that have different effects on the human body. Important enough to do more research on this, “concludes Dr. Freedman.