Beep Alarm Trigger Obesity in the Morning

You live in a big city? The main problem faced is definitely jam that takes time and thought. Some people deal with getting up in the morning so as not to be late arriving at the office. Because traffic jams are incredible as well, you get home it’s late. Time was it like to be shorter. The quality and quantity of sleep had come down drastically.

With the above conditions, it was rare that anyone can get up in the morning without an alarm either alarm or alarm phone alarm clock. Alarm is a necessity. Because if not, we will most likely wake up late. When it should be if it did not need to sleep any longer, someone will wake up on its own even without the alarm. This habit could actually be bad for health, which makes a person fat fast due to social jet lag.

The term ‘social jet lag’ refers to the disruption of biological clock, as experienced in the real jet lag after flying across different time zones. The difference, jet lag induced by different social rhythm weekday to weekend free from alarm sounds.

According to researchers from the University of Munich, the alarm in the morning is very disturbing body’s biological clock. Naturally the body have cycles drowsiness, which if disturbed it greatly affects the health in general.

“Wake up with the alarm is a new thing in our lives. This is a sign we do not have enough time to sleep and that’s why we feel tired,” said researchers from the University of Munich, Professor Till Roenneberg as quoted by ScienceDaily.

Research conducted recently Prof Roenneberg suggests, biological clock disturbed by the alarm can increase the risk of obesity. The findings were consistent with previous results of other studies, which says that lack of sleep makes a person more fat fast.

Not only lead to obesity, social jet lag triggered alarm sounds also tend to quickly make a person tired all day. These conditions as well as increase the likelihood of doing things that are not healthy.

Therefore if you are a busy person in a big city, try to live a healthy life with no excessive coffee drinking, avoid alcohol and do not smoke. At least it can reduce the impact of social jet lag.