Apples For a Better Life

Apples are known for their ability to reduce the risk of some diseases. To obtain the optimal benefits of apples for health, form preparations need to be considered. Fresh apples are generally better than processed.

Research shows that the content of many anticancer compounds found higher in comparison to the fresh apples that have been processed.

In every 100 grams of fresh whole apples and fresh apple juice contained elagat acid, chlorogenic acid, and the acid kafeat much as 100-130 mg. However, the concentration of the three compounds were zero or close to zero in the processed apple products.

To get the best quality apples, some of the following tips can be performed. Pick apples are hard and free of wrinkles, spots, mushy, and bruises. Keep apples in the refrigerator. Apples stored at room temperature will quickly rot like flour. By storing in the refrigerator, apples will stay fresh for two weeks or more, depending on the variety.

Here are the benefits of apples, as written in

Lose Weight

Apples are nice to use as your favorite fruit for a diet to lose weight. Apples have a low fat content but the existing fiber in apples is very high, this fiber will help you feel full faster. There are many health benefits of apples for.

When we are hungry is actually happening is the emergence of stimulation of the stomach. Brain to immediately seek food and fill an empty stomach by gastric earlier. If the hull has been filled then naturally we will feel a sense of satiety and food intake will immediately cease.

Pectin can form a gel in the intestine so that the time required to move the remaining food from the mouth to the anus becomes longer and someone becomes longer feel full. In addition, he was also able to slow the entry of glucose from the digestion of carbohydrates into the bloodstream so that it can control diabetes.

Apples are packed with five grams of fiber that is able to meet 20 percent of our daily nutritional intake. Fruit crisp texture that can force you to try to chew. This activity is useful as a replacement for facial gymnastics. In addition, a natural sweetener in apple able to enter the bloodstream gradually, helping to keep blood sugar and insulin levels stable so you feel full longer.

Lowering Cholesterol Content

Familiarize eating an apple (large size) by 8-11 percent a day can lower cholesterol levels and cholesterol reduction could reach 16 percent if you eat two apples a day. A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine (2003) revealed the consumption of fiber (such as apples) can help prevent heart disease. In this study, nearly 10,000 people were sampled and were followed for 19 years. In that time found 1843 people suffer from coronary heart disease (coronary heart disease = CHD) and 3762 people suffer from cardiovascular disease (CVD = cardiovascular disease).

Those who consume 21 g of fiber / day the risk is 12 percent less likely to suffer from CHD and 11persen less likely to suffer CVD, compared to the eating fiber 5 g / day.

Thanks to two key components, pectin (a type of fiber) and polyphenols (powerful antioxidants), apples can take to reduce blood cholesterol levels and prevent the oxidation of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, a chemical process that converts into plaque clogged arteries.

The trick to maximizing the benefits, do not discard the skin, apple skin has two to six times the antioxidant compounds such as meat.

Preventing Senile at Age Twilight and Alzheimer’s

Maybe because they increase the production of acetylcholine, a chemical that transmits messages between nerve cells, so that the content of the apple was able to keep shrewdness as you age, enhance memory, and potentially reduce the chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

A study on mice at Cornell University found that the quercetin in apples may protect brain cells from the kind of free radical damage that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Protects Lungs and Prevent Asthma

According to a study from the United Kingdom developed states, women who eat apples regularly during pregnancy can provide health benefits to infants who will birth to.

In addition, consumption of apples can prevent children developing asthma when he reached five years. This fruit also can protect the lungs of adults, lowering the risk of asthma, lung cancer, and other diseases.

Against Cancer

Several research reports have shown that certain compounds in the fruit juicy and crisp flesh is capable of killing cancer cell growth. However, the properties will work best if the fruit is consumed as a whole.

People who chew more than one day, lower risk of cancer, from cancer of the mouth, esophagus, colon, breast, ovarian, prostate, and others. Researchers estimated that those who consumed apples regularly can prevent this deadly disease 42 percent.