6 Disease Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There are some disease that is feared by men, particularly with regard to sexual matters, one of which is Erectile Dysfunction. This disease is a disorder of sexual health experienced by men is characterized by penile erection does not last long or even get an erection at all.

Conditions were not optimal erection when sexual intercourse would certainly be a problem, and it will greatly affect the satisfaction of couples in bed. The confidence of the men will be gone and your mind will be overcome with stress.

Erectile dysfunction is not only caused by chronic diseases, but also by psychological factors and poor living habits. From the psychological side, men who experience the pressures of life, such as problems of economic necessity or because of workload, has exposed the risk of erectile dysfunction. Meanwhile, the daily bad behavior such as smoking, drug addicts, alcohol drinking, and staying up late, also contributes to the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Of medical terms, there are a number of chronic diseases that can result in men exposed to temporary and permanent erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man’s penis while still able to have morning erection or erection on waking in the morning, while to have sex at other times can not afford an erection. While erectile dysfunction is a condition of permanent penis can not erect at all even when I wake up in the morning.

Here is a list of diseases that cause erectile dysfunction.

The disease is experienced by men characterized by the growth of plaque, a hardened layer of skin, on the skin around the penis. Plaques appear not only on the outside of the skin, but also grow the erectile tissue of the penis, thereby disrupting the blood flow to the penis. Peyronie’s disease reduces the ability of the penis to maintain the erection, erectile function even stop altogether.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is among one of the dangerous disease of men. Those who contract hypertension had blood pressure above normal conditions that interfere with daily physical activity.

Sexual activity with hypertension have problems because they can not erect penis up due to the use of drugs that contain anabolic steroids healing. In addition, hypertension is usually followed by a heart disease that disrupt male respiratory system.

Stroke usually occurs in older men, while some attacked the young man. Stroke is characterized by blockage or clots of blood vessels to the brain. The result is the next member of the death of the body, including the male sexual function. Erectile dysfunction occurs in men with stroke due to blocked blood flow not only to the brain, but also affect other blood network systems, especially the blood flow to the penis.

Heart disease caused by the blood vessels can not pump blood to the heart to circulate oxygen and food juices throughout the body. This disease is caused by a narrowing or clogged arteries due to high cholesterol levels. Men who develop heart disease in the body has a circulatory system that is not smooth. This affects the circulation of blood in the erectile tissue of the penis can not erect so that maximum.

Diabetes mellitus
Diabetes mellitus is a major contribution to the occurrence of erectile dysfunction in a man, because men with diabetes generally have an energy level that is below normal. Some people with the disease in the blood glucose blood sugar (diabetes) can not be converted into energy, because the levels of the hormone insulin in the body are low.

What is even more appalling is that if people with diabetes wet the wound healing can only be done through amputation. When this happens the male reproductive organs, especially the area around the penis, then surely the sexual health of men is not working properly.

Erectile dysfunction can happen to people with cancer are caused by the use of medications aimed at containing the anti-androgen. The drug is commonly used to treat urinary tract cancer and prostate enlargement. Anti-androgen is able to cure cancer, but it works against the hormone production system, thereby reducing male virility.

Do not forget also the influence of mental illness that may happen to a man. Severe life stressors become major cause why men experience lower stress and arousal intercourse.

Avoid serious talks related to financial problems while you are in bed so that the mind of man is more relaxed. Good habits such as regular exercise and eating nutritious and balanced diet should always be done in order to avoid the possibility of male erectile dysfunction disease.