4 Food Causes Odor Remove Wind Too

The body can produce many things, one is the reaction that sometimes appears unnoticed. Like the sound of a voice belly, burp, sneeze, fart, and so forth. Some of these reactions can be a strange and embarrassing when it happens when you’re in a public place or an important event. One of the things which have been reported by LIVESTRONG discussion is about farting.

Fart is a normal body reaction, but can be very embarrassing when it happens too often and remove foul smell. Some foods it can make you become more smelly fart.

Most people will fart or pass gas about 12 times a day. But the food you eat can cause flatulence become more frequent and foul smelling. Here are some foods that create gas in your stomach the smell.

1. Nuts
Not a few of the foods that use natural nuts being the main cause of foul smelling fart. Nuts usually cause more frequent and farting into gas bubbles that makes flatulence. Since the food moves through the intestines, the beans are fermented and digested started causing gases that are emitted by a foul odor. High fiber content in nuts also contribute to the smell of a fart.

2. Chili
In addition to nuts, chillies and spices gives spicy sensation can also create gas in the stomach produce a foul odor when you fart.

3. Broccoli
Broccoli is one of the major causes of stomach bloating and foul smelling fart. Mayo Clinic notes that a high-fiber vegetables, such as broccoli, can cause gas in the stomach to be quite smelly. Broccoli is sometimes difficult to digest food by the body, so food becomes long in the intestines and stomach start creating excess gas.

4. Beef
The beef was also apparently can cause the stomach to become more smelling gas than other meats. The reason is because meat contains enzymes that can cause a foul odor. Beef is also moving quite slowly in the digestive system, because the meat contains no fiber. This is to enable it to stay in the gut for long periods of time, and cause more fart produce foul odors.

The reaction of the body such as this is not something to be feared. But if you plan to attend an event that is important, it is better to avoid some foods as mentioned earlier. Because if you have to pass gas but the sound is clear and remove the smell, it must be annoying.