Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Eating healthily during pregnancy is crucial in Ensuring that the baby’s needs are met and also the wellbeing of the expecting mother. Research has shown that nutrition during pregnancy Influences the baby’s development and may also have an effect on the baby’s health in later life. Pregnancy increases the requirements of most Nutrients. This however does not mean eating for two, it is more about the quality not quantity of the food eaten.

It is inevitable for the mother to gain weight during pregnancy as this extra weight is Necessary to provide nourishments for the new life she’s carrying also as storage for breastfeeding after delivery. So where does this extra weight goes:

Baby: 7 to 8 pounds (about 3 to 3.6 kilograms) Larger breasts: 2 pounds (about 1 kilogram) Larger uterus: 2 pounds (about 1 kilogram)

Placenta: 1 1/2 pounds (about 0.7 kilograms) Amniotic fluid: 2 pounds (about 1 kilogram) Increased blood volume: 3 to 4 pounds (about 1.4 to 1.8 kilograms) Increased fluid volume: 3 to 4 pounds (about 1.4 to 1.8 kilograms) Fat stores: 6 to 8 pounds (about 2.7 to 3.6 kilograms) Continue reading “Weight Gain During Pregnancy”

What to Eat Pistachio Male Adults

For sexual gratification, many men who consume foods and beverages that can enhance arousal and erection strengthening. It was not just aimed at his personal satisfaction alone, but for their partners as well. Today was a lot of food or beverage ingredient that can do it, although it is not always the main factor that is required.

A recent study revealed a new discovery that by eating pistachio nuts in three weeks to make the men get stronger erections. Going on a diet by eating nuts is also highly recommended for those who have concerns about erectile dysfunction. The study, published in the International Journal of Impotence Research: The Journal of Sexual Medicine reveals about the efficacy of pistachio nuts.

What kind of nut is actually less common? Nut encrusted Persian origin, many of the region, the Middle East and Europe. It has a tapered oval shape with a hard white skin. On the inside of green and yellow with red bran. Nuts have a very crisp and savory. Beautiful green color makes these beans are often used as a cake or dessert topping.
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Apples For a Better Life

Apples are known for their ability to reduce the risk of some diseases. To obtain the optimal benefits of apples for health, form preparations need to be considered. Fresh apples are generally better than processed.

Research shows that the content of many anticancer compounds found higher in comparison to the fresh apples that have been processed.

In every 100 grams of fresh whole apples and fresh apple juice contained elagat acid, chlorogenic acid, and the acid kafeat much as 100-130 mg. However, the concentration of the three compounds were zero or close to zero in the processed apple products.

To get the best quality apples, some of the following tips can be performed. Pick apples are hard and free of wrinkles, spots, mushy, and bruises. Keep apples in the refrigerator. Apples stored at room temperature will quickly rot like flour. By storing in the refrigerator, apples will stay fresh for two weeks or more, depending on the variety.
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Guiding Children’s TV Viewing Experience Obesity

Recently, a study revealed that watching TV can lead children to continue eating foods that are not healthy or often called junk food. Research conducted by experts at the Eunice Kennedy Shrive National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, reported that quite a few children who eat healthy food when watching TV.

Leah Lipsky and Ronald Iannotti, two researchers who worked on the research, reported that while watching TV, 8% of the children ate fruit. While the other 18% is used to eating candy and 16% more likely to eat fast food. The report released in the document “Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine”, the more shows that watching TV can lead to poor eating habits.

These figures are not surprising, because the TV is always presenting advertisements of instant food and easy to eat right, but do not have that much effect on the health of the body. The ads junk food, such as sausages, instant snacks and soft drinks, took his time and place more advertisements than fruits and vegetables.
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Treat Teeth With Special

Gigi is one part of the body that many have a variety of complaints. This happens due to a variety of complaints of bad habits that damage your teeth. The impact of that example is dental caries, gum drop, and a few other complaints.

In adults who smoke, dental caries will occur in the gums, teeth will be blackened. Eating foods that are too hot or cold can also lead to the same results. Acidic foods will definitely soften and damage the enamel, soda will make the teeth brittle.

Drg. Susi and Drg. Riri stated technique of brushing teeth will affect the health of email. Brush your teeth from red to white areas and arch area on the molars. Brush your teeth with a soft and normal pressure, rub in a matter of at least 7 times in all areas of the teeth. Brush your teeth after breakfast and before bed at night. Choose the right toothpaste. Toothpaste containing bleach is not recommended, because it contains soda teeth whitening that can soften tooth enamel.

Nicotine in cigarettes will lead to discoloration of the tooth enamel, can make teeth yellow or gray. Anatomy of teeth consists of email, dentin, pulp. Sensitive teeth occur due to a reduction of up to an area of ​​the pulp gums so that the tooth nerve tissue was open due to the decline in the gums.
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Powerful Ways to Prevent Eating Too Much

For culinary connoisseurs, surely you enjoy eating moments, especially some of the menu that has never been tried before. But sometimes you have lost consciousness while eating.

Loss of consciousness is meant when it is not aware that you have put a lot of calories into the body. For example, while enjoying a film, typically one would not realize that he continued to chew the food until the film is over.

That could make the worry is, overeating is not just happening at the time the condition ‘not aware’, but also happens when you’re too focused on the dishes that will be consumed. If allowed to continue then the weight, body circumference, and weight will be in danger.

If you are experiencing the same thing, the results of the scientists in the Netherlands could be the answer to these problems. Their results were reported by GeniusBeauty Flavour and published in the Journal suggests that the smell of food and the texture of the food will be the deciding factor of how much someone is going to eat it.
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Avoid Eating By Sleep

One way a good rest is sleep. At nightfall, it was the best time to rest his body and mind to sleep. However, sometimes there are just some things that make you be sleeping soundly. So in the morning too, when you wake up it feels like to be lazy and still lack the break.

There are some foods that can help you to sleep more soundly, and there are also foods that you should avoid. Reported by AskMen, here are foods that you should avoid before bedtime.

Ice cream
Ice cream is known as a menu that can calm the mind under stress, but do not eat before you sleep. Ice cream contains a lot of fat, because during sleep the body is able to burn fat, then the ice cream you eat will turn into fat.

The simple reason why you should not eat before bed is celery, celery is a natural diuretic containing substances. It will cause you to urinate more than usual. Continue reading “Avoid Eating By Sleep”

Kiwi, The Tiny The Rich Benefits

Kiwi fruit is a fruit that is quite unique. Having green flesh behind hairy brown skin, turns this fruit has a myriad of essential nutrients needed by the body.

Talking about nutrition, kiwi fruit is not lost with other fruits. If you want to eat the sweet taste of this fruit, choose a ripe kiwi and not disabled. The size is not the important factor when it comes to enjoy it. Even sometimes, kiwi small is better than large kiwi.

When buying fruit, you recommended a more selective choice. Press kiwi with your thumb, if you feel a little pressure, the kiwi is ripe, and if not, then the kiwi is not ready to be eaten.

The following are some of the nutrients contained in a kiwi who deserves to know.

Vitamin C: Kiwi is a rich source of vitamin C. In fact, vitamin C in the kiwi two times more than oranges. Research shows that a kiwi a day quite meet the recommended dietary intake.
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6 Disease Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There are some disease that is feared by men, particularly with regard to sexual matters, one of which is Erectile Dysfunction. This disease is a disorder of sexual health experienced by men is characterized by penile erection does not last long or even get an erection at all.

Conditions were not optimal erection when sexual intercourse would certainly be a problem, and it will greatly affect the satisfaction of couples in bed. The confidence of the men will be gone and your mind will be overcome with stress.

Erectile dysfunction is not only caused by chronic diseases, but also by psychological factors and poor living habits. From the psychological side, men who experience the pressures of life, such as problems of economic necessity or because of workload, has exposed the risk of erectile dysfunction. Meanwhile, the daily bad behavior such as smoking, drug addicts, alcohol drinking, and staying up late, also contributes to the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Of medical terms, there are a number of chronic diseases that can result in men exposed to temporary and permanent erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man’s penis while still able to have morning erection or erection on waking in the morning, while to have sex at other times can not afford an erection. While erectile dysfunction is a condition of permanent penis can not erect at all even when I wake up in the morning.
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