Drinking Coffee Can Extend Your Age

For some people, coffee has become one of the most important start to the day. A cup of coffee can be a trigger for you to deal with the activities and routines. But apparently, the coffee not only be a body refreshment. Thanks to the observations made by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the experts said that coffee can reduce the risk of death.

“Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages, both in the United States or around the world,” said the lead researcher, as quoted Oktomagazine of Time. “Coffee is a beverage that contains caffeine, a stimulant that makes it not included in the category of drinks that are too useful. But it must be admitted, that coffee is rich in antioxidants and other bioactive substances. ”

In some previous studies, scientists have found a variety of opinions on the coffee drinking habits with the risk of death. “Many opinions alarming increase in the risk of death from drinking coffee on a regular basis. However, we found evidence against this opinion, “said Dr. Neal Freedman of the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

In the observational study also led by Dr. Freedman, experts from NCI analyzed 229,119 men and 173,141 women aged between 50 years to 71 years. They were all asked to complete a questionnaire about their habit of drinking coffee. The question was made in the period 1995-1996. Since then, researchers continue to observe their activities until December 2008. Continue reading “Drinking Coffee Can Extend Your Age”

Bangs Hair Can Cause Myopia Eye

All women must want to always look beautiful and charming in every situation. Whatever will they do to get the perfect look not only at the clothes worn, but also on their bodies. Even some ways was made to look beautiful despite its harmful effects to their health, ranging from wearing high heels to perform plastic surgery and breast implants.

However, during this time you may never know that styling it can also give a bad effect on health, especially the health of the eye. As set bangs to the side that it can lead to a myopic eye.

You’ve probably seen and know some of the top Hollywood celebrities are notorious for setting her bangs to the side, such as Nicole Richie, Cameron Diaz, and Jessica Alba. Even celebrities are often seen women who set her bangs over her eyes next to them.

According to dr. Andrew Hogan, an ophthalmologist and a member of the association of optometrists Australia, side bangs that almost cover the eyes or to obscure their views, which can cause disease amblyopia. The disorder commonly called lazy eye or lazy eyes.
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Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Raw meat and seafood

Raw or undercooked meat and seafood may Contain coliform bacteria, salmonella and toxoplasmosis. Be sure to always thoroughly cook meat and seafood. If reheating leftovers, make sure the food is steaming hot. Hotdogs, luncheon meats and other deli meats (such as ham and bacon) are safe to eat if cooked thoroughly, however it is best to limit the consumption due to its high nitrite levels.

Fish high in mercury

Although fish and seafood Contain important Nutrients like protein and omega3 that is Necessary during pregnancy, high mercury levels may cause birth defects and developmental delays. Therefore it is best to limit your intake of fish and seafood. Predatory fish (fish that eats other fish) would generally have higher mercury levels. Avoid fish like shark, king mackerel, swordfish, and tilefish.
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Caring for Skin Burned

After vacationing at the end of the week, sometimes and bad effects. You could be psychologically much more fresh now, but due to exposure to the sun burning your skin . Of course it hurts does not it?

If your skin is sensitive, then sunbathe or relax on the beach during the hot weather would easily make the skin burn. Are outdoors during the day, despite using sun protection cream, make sure your skin redness and stinging.

Symptoms that indicate the skin has been burned by the sun. Disturbance was not ignored because it can permanently damage the skin. Here are tips that can help to overcome the sunburned skin:

Consumption of Aspirin or Ibuprofen

Both drugs work to reduce inflammation. That is, irritation and redness of the skin can be more easily and quickly dikurangi.Anda can eat between 24 hours after the burn.
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Holiday Good For Health

After going through the day-to-day fun in the holidays, this time you are definitely busy with preparations for entering the work routine. Vacation is not just out of bed and move home to the tourist destination. Vacationing more than that.

Holidays can also be used as a forum for gathering with family and establish communications that have had interrupted.

Holiday activities are not just fun, holiday will provide many benefits to you. What are the benefits of vacation? Here are the benefits you can get from a vacation:

Live longer
A study conducted State University of New York, found that men who took annual vacations reduce the risk of death by 20% and risk of death from heart disease by 30%. While men are not taking a vacation in five years, has the highest mortality rate and incidence of heart disease. Continue reading “Holiday Good For Health”

Keeping Current Health Tourism

One of the most beautiful moments that will always be remembered for the children until they are adults is a vacation with family. For children, this is the best time for them to have fun, play, enjoy a variety of activities and visit tourist spots with new parents who love them.

For parents, a vacation with the kids to make life more meaningful, build closer ties and more wonderful with the kids and make them more relaxed and free of stress due to pressure of work everyday full of competition.

Wise for parents who want to maintain and enhance the happiness of the family, the holiday with their children at their school holidays at the middle or end of the year is one of the best ways parents can do.

Noteworthy is the holiday with the family should be well planned to avoid unnecessary problems that even disturbing or stressful during the holidays.

If we instead ill family members when they go on vacation, it certainly could change plans that have been prepared outing. As uploaded by Examiner, here’s how to keep your family healthy during the holidays: Continue reading “Keeping Current Health Tourism”

Habiebie and Ainun The Movie

Faozan Rizal, better known for his direction of cinematography for films like Kick of Heaven (2011), The Perfect House (2011) and Paper Boat (2012), conducted through a film titled debut directing & Ainun Habibie lifted from autobiography same title by former President of the Republic of Indonesia, Jusuf Habibie Bacharuddin. Regardless of life B.J. Habibie covered with a lot of political intrigue, Habibie & Ainun story was more focused on the personal life of the former president, especially the rise and fall of a relationship he have with his deceased wife. Reinforced with the script of directives Ginatri S. Noer and Ifan Adriansyah Ismail, Rizal Faozan & Ainun Habibie managed to steer into a love story that is not only warm, but also able to forge such a strong emotional connection with the audience.
It has long been studying in Germany since his father’s death in 1955, Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, or are familiar with the name calling Rudi (Reza Rahadian), returned to Indonesia in 1962 to leave while his research in the doctor’s degree in engineering due to tuberculosis which he suffered. His return that, Rudi reunited with Hasri Ainun Besari, or more familiarly called by Ainun (Citra Lestari Bunga), a girl who is also a physician and formerly had been a school friend Rudi when his junior high school. Continue reading “Habiebie and Ainun The Movie”

CT scans are causing Cancer Risk for Children

You’ve heard the term CT Scan? CT scan is a procedure that is used to get an overview of the different angles of bone from the skull and brain. CT scans can be used to assess almost every organ in the body, even in foreign countries have been used as a screening tool replaces X-ray and ultrasound.

But apparently scan or CT scan performed repeatedly is very dangerous for children. Over time will increase the risk of brain cancer or leukemia than tripled, according to the findings of research team of scientists led by the University of Newcastle. Research carried out by studying the medical records almost 180 thousand young patients.

But in a research report published in The Lancet, the authors emphasize that the benefits of scanning usually outweigh the risks. They said the research underscores the fact that scanning should only be performed if necessary and that ways of reducing radiation should be sought.

During scanning, X-ray tube rotates around the patient’s body to produce a detailed picture of the internal organs and other body parts. Continue reading “CT scans are causing Cancer Risk for Children”

Natural Antibiotics There Is Around Us

What was envisioned nearly everyone when the word ‘bacteria,’ which must have been imagined in the minds of living beings are very small and cause disease. In fact, not all bacteria are bad.

Although a micro biologist, Anne Maczulak asserted, that man can not live without bacteria. But the author of “Allies and Enemies: How the World Depends in Bacteria ‘also explained that most of the bacteria studied in the context of human disease.

This is what makes people tend to think about the dangers of bacteria so they invented drugs to fight bacteria and weaken. However, sources antibiotics not only be gained by taking the drug.

Some foods are known to contain antibiotic substances that can help cleanse the blood and kill the bad bacteria naturally. In terms herbalogic , this antibiotic is a substance called astringent.
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Beware of Chest Pain in Section

When chest pain, a lot of people immediately think of a heart attack. This complaint is Often marked symptoms of heart disease. Apparently a lot of one type of disease is chest pain indications, Including cell lung cancer, breast cancer and Increased gastric acid.

Not all chest pain comes from a disturbance in the heart organ. However, chest pain is a typical symptom of heart disease. According to Dr. Hary Utomo, Sp. JP, chest pain due to abnormal heart caused by imbalance between demand and supply of oxygen to the heart muscle.

Imbalance that could be due to Increased oxygen demand or supply is too low, it could be a combination of both. In Patients with coronary arteriosclerosis (blood vessels that supply the food), automatic blood drainage is limited.

“If the patient requires more oxygen consumption, such as when exercising or when faced with stressful situations, such as anger, can be estimated onset of symptoms of angina or chest pain before,” said cardiologist and blood vessels of the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital, Jakarta. These symptoms can get worse when accompanied by cramps blood vessels called spasm.
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