What to Eat Pistachio Male Adults

For sexual gratification, many men who consume foods and beverages that can enhance arousal and erection strengthening. It was not just aimed at his personal satisfaction alone, but for their partners as well. Today was a lot of food or beverage ingredient that can do it, although it is not always the main factor that is required.

A recent study revealed a new discovery that by eating pistachio nuts in three weeks to make the men get stronger erections. Going on a diet by eating nuts is also highly recommended for those who have concerns about erectile dysfunction. The study, published in the International Journal of Impotence Research: The Journal of Sexual Medicine reveals about the efficacy of pistachio nuts.

What kind of nut is actually less common? Nut encrusted Persian origin, many of the region, the Middle East and Europe. It has a tapered oval shape with a hard white skin. On the inside of green and yellow with red bran. Nuts have a very crisp and savory. Beautiful green color makes these beans are often used as a cake or dessert topping.

As reported by Men’s Health, a study conducted in Turkey involved 100 participants who were given 100 grams of pistachio nuts every day during those 3 weeks. At the end of the experiment, 17 people were recorded as having a yield of 50 percent higher for erections stronger than ever before.

In addition to having erectile function better, sexual satisfaction, orgasm, and satisfaction for the better anyway. In particular, blood flow to the penis is increased to 22 percent by ultrasound measurements.

“Pistachio Nuts have high levels of non-essential amino acid arginine, high flex role in blood vessels and improving blood flow induced by nitric oxide,” said the head of research, Mustafa Aldemir, from Ataturk Teaching and Reasearch Hospital in Turkey.

The men involved in the study also showed significant progress in cholesterol levels. This is because pistachios are also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, and plant sterols. In the previous studies, revealed an association between cholesterol levels and erectile dysfunction.

Pistachio nut is usually sold in a form that is ready for consumption, baked with the skin. Supplied in a variety of packaging in many supermarkets and small grocery store. Maybe you’ve been enjoying it as a gift from a relative or family who have just returned from a pilgrimage.

So, in addition to having a unique shape and flavor, pistachio nuts can also help men to improve sex relationship with her partner.