Want to Slim? Longer sleep

Excess weight? Apparently there is a very easy way to lose weight. You do not need to bother diet for it. Enough to sleep more and regularly, then your weight will go down. Several studies have revealed that sleep deprivation can lead to obesity because it is associated with decreased levels of leptin (a hormone that controls body weight and metabolism) as well as increased levels of ghrelin (which play a role in increasing appetite).

Excerpted from National Geographic, in a study of 1088 pairs of twins found the fact that several genes associated with obesity and how it relates to the pattern of sleep. These genes affect how the body uses energy, how fat is stored in the body, a feeling of fullness after eating, and how quickly sugar is used.

From these observations are found as well, with the lack of sleep these genes more profound effect on the body. Where genetic influences on body mass index turns two times greater in people who slept less than seven hours compared to nine hours of sleep each night.

“The results show that sleep deprivation lead to a more permissive environment for the expression of genes related to obesity. Or maybe sleep longer it protects against stress-related gene expression in obesity,” said Dr. Nathaniel Watson, team leader of the study.

According to him, the results of this research is a new introduction. However, it can be shown that weight loss will be effective when the genetic influences on obesity reduced by sleeping longer. wake up with the alarm will trigger obesity. It seems that the results of the study are in line for the alarm to wake yourself used to indicate the lack of sleep.

Therefore, it does not mean you are so up late to test the research on sleep early around 20:30 and wake up at 5:30 in order to obtain fresh air and exercise in the morning.