Treat Teeth With Special

Gigi is one part of the body that many have a variety of complaints. This happens due to a variety of complaints of bad habits that damage your teeth. The impact of that example is dental caries, gum drop, and a few other complaints.

In adults who smoke, dental caries will occur in the gums, teeth will be blackened. Eating foods that are too hot or cold can also lead to the same results. Acidic foods will definitely soften and damage the enamel, soda will make the teeth brittle.

Drg. Susi and Drg. Riri stated technique of brushing teeth will affect the health of email. Brush your teeth from red to white areas and arch area on the molars. Brush your teeth with a soft and normal pressure, rub in a matter of at least 7 times in all areas of the teeth. Brush your teeth after breakfast and before bed at night. Choose the right toothpaste. Toothpaste containing bleach is not recommended, because it contains soda teeth whitening that can soften tooth enamel.

Nicotine in cigarettes will lead to discoloration of the tooth enamel, can make teeth yellow or gray. Anatomy of teeth consists of email, dentin, pulp. Sensitive teeth occur due to a reduction of up to an area of ​​the pulp gums so that the tooth nerve tissue was open due to the decline in the gums.

The use of pacifiers in the baby can change the shape of the teeth or their sucking pattern. Drg. Susi and Drg. Riri states disagree on the use of a pacifier or a pacifier. Habit of letting the child fall asleep while drinking milk and do not wash it with water again it will make the teeth become more brittle and easily perforated.

Dot hygiene should also be considered because it is not clean pacifier use will also trigger the growth of fungi. Train your child to drink a glass or a straw.

For finger sucking habit of children which will inhibit the growth of the lower jaw and encourage the growth of the upper jaw. Two teeth on top will usually be more advanced than those below.

Is swallowing toothpaste would harm health? Content toothpaste for adults and for children is usually different. Toothpaste for children usually implies lighter. For children since I was very little can be trained by their parents using gauze moistened with warm water so that the condition of the mouth and teeth can be cleaned.

Besides other bad habits are habits gritted his teeth. This can occur because of the resistance of the teeth due to an imbalance of the teeth and there are also psychological effects.

Poke the leftovers in the teeth will bring adverse effect on the tooth row. Avoid using toothpicks to remove food residue on the teeth, use dental floss cleaners.

Chewing gum that is not too sweet so it is recommended to treat the condition in the mouth because saliva will be produced in the right amount.