Time to Clean the Colon

Ever feel uncomfortable because the bathroom floor was not clean? Or look at a room or work space a mess? If you are preoccupied with the lack neat in sight what the invisible. For example, the cleanliness of the digestive organs.

Guts example. Every day should be working, digesting whatever owner entered the body. Guts also need to be cleaned. If not then it could cause health problems.

It triggers a reaction in the digestive system of a sense of bloating and even nausea. Not only that, you will also be difficult bowel movements, headaches, and tired.

For it does not happen, you have to clean the colon regularly eating foods bowel cleansing. If you always eat a high fat diet and rarely eat foods bowel cleansing, the colon will always work hard, and in dirty conditions.

Not only flatulence but also at increased risk of colon cancer. To keep your gut healthy and avoid feeling bloated, eat the following foods.

Fruit and vegetables
Always enter the high-fiber vegetables in your diet, such as broccoli, lettuce, and spinach. Try to eat fresh vegetables minimal cooking process. The high fiber content of vegetables will make the bowel more easily work and help clean it up. For dessert, try the consumption of high fiber fruits such as apples, bananas and pears.

These foods contain live active bacteria and helps cleanse the colon. Ingredients acidophilus in yogurt can also trigger intestinal bile acid producing less. Decrease in bile acid production will have an impact on cholesterol reduction.

White Water
Do not underestimate water. Your intestinal health depends on the amount of water you drink every day. If you eat a high fiber diet without balance it with enough water will cause problems with digestion. To make sure you drink enough water.

This food is also very good for the cleanliness and health of your colon. But make sure the grain is consumed whole grains. For breakfast, wheat is a food that is very high quality and can support your busy day-to-day.