The Two Gods of the Bible and the Confusion They Cause

Yes, there are two distinct Gods in the bible and one of them is an invention. How do I know? I have memory of reincarnation and a link to the Spirit of the Universe, the only true Creator. The next question is why has the Spirit allowed this to happen? The answer is more difficult and protracted. It will suffice to state, however, that it is for a test of one’s loyalty to the Spirit and ability to remove oneself from religions.

Religions are all based on prophets that have supposedly spoken for God. They reinforce the power and control that institutions gain over their coverts and promise an eternity of great things, as opposed to that of eternal suffering for those who do not comply.

When first looking into them the most obvious common denominator was their timing. They all came about during an 800-1000 years’ period and they are the result of kings accepting them, or so we are led to believe.

The subject here is the two Gods of the bible and this is the most confusing aspect for students of it. The Old Testament proclaims the Spirit as the only God (Isaiah 45:4-8) while the New Testament proclaims a Trinity. It was the latter that my research focused on to understand where that originated.

The Spirit of the Universe is the only God and it led me to records that are not readily available to prove that the Trinity was adopted from the Vedic trinity of India and that Jesus Christ was modelled on Krishna, the third person of it. It then delivered a book from the 16th Century that proves that Jerome, the so-called doctor of the Catholic Church, produced the New Testament.

It also reveals how he altered what he then called the Old Testament to make it fit with his work. He inserted passages such as that a virgin will conceive a child, etc. The Romans used the religion for power and control and created heaven and hell as the two whips to make people conform.

My research into religious origins followed my reincarnation and knowledge that heaven and hell are dreams while the gods of religion are false. The enormous fraud conducted by the Romans has stood because the Spirit has allowed it. Only those with a strong connection to the real God can see through the tricks and have come or are coming away from religions in droves. This happening is described in prophecies in both Isaiah and Jeremiah.