Some Tips That Will Help You To Keep Your Beauty

Here are some tips that will help you to keep your beauty!
To keep your body in shape you should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.

If you have greasy skin, do not panic. There is a perfect solution- the usage of clay mask. Using the mask will make your skin soft, smooth and clean.

If your skin is affected by acne, constantly use mild or medical soap. Such soap will decrease acne as it includes PH balanced.

If your skin is affected by redness you should spray you the face with cold water. In addition you need to stand in the cold air for several minutes.
If you use light shades for your eye make up it is better to utilize waterproof eyeliner.

If your skin is affected by blackheads you may take steam for about 5-8 minutes. If you continue making the above procedure you will manage to remove blackheads from the surface of the skin.

Use olive oil or hair balsam/conditioner after taking a bath or shower. These hair supplies will make your hair healthy, strong and shiny.

If you have eyelashes supple and long to get red of it regularly brush with petroleum jelly before going to bed.

Do not forget moisturize your hands 2-3 times per day. As you are not always at home you can store one hand cream in the car or on the desk at your office. In addition, during the day you may use the hand cream for rejuvenating cuticles.

Be sure your nails are ready for applying any color. Check if your nails are clean before prior their coloring. It is good to clean your nails by utilizing an orange stick wrapped in cotton to clean nails. Dip it into remover of nail polish and carefully rub on the surface of nails.

If you wish to get rid of unwanted body hair nowadays bleaching, shaving, waxing and laser hair removal are available.

To prevent your lip pencil and eyeliner from breaking while sharpening place them in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes. Thus, they will be hard and you will manage easily to sharp either lip pencil or eyeliner, or both or them.

Ant time you remove your eye makeup, use cold cream, petroleum jelly or special make up remover-lotion. Do not wash up the make up with soap. With the above-mentioned items you will achieve the best results.

To keep your lips soft and moisturized any time you are going to apply the lipstick use carmex prior. In addition, it will help to stay the lipstick for a longer time.