Soft Lens Need Special Attention

Today, the use of soft contact lenses are not only intended for people with nearsightedness and those who feel bothered to wear glasses, but for many people to make a different appearance. So many types and models of contact lens available, maybe you are the one who wear contact lenses are not only to help the eye to also create a more attractive appearance.

However, if you already know all too well how to wear contact lens? Due to some bad habits in the use of it can invite a lot of risks to health. According to a recent study in the journal Optometry and Vision Science, approximately 85% of contact lens users is claimed to have followed all the rules of use of a well to keep your eyes in good shape. However, only approximately two percent actually do.

Danielle Robertson, a researcher from the University of Texas, USA, said that when the users asked directly whether they implement the rules according to which we recommend, they say, ‘Yes, we do it right’. But when they answer questions about their behavior, there is a big difference to what they should do.

Thus, as reported by Men’s Health, check out some of the bad habits that tend to be made by many users of contact lenses and the risk that they could get.

Do not remove the contact lens during sleep
Bad habits like these repeatedly linked as a cause of irritation and infection in the eye. Because if you are wearing a contact lens during sleep, the eyes would automatically blink less. Though it took a lot of blinking eyes to wash, so the eyes do not dry while you sleep.

No change lenses according to the schedule should
Each contact lens has different usage period, to make sure you do not wear contact lens exceed the maximum term. You have to change lenses according to the schedule prescribed for eye comfort.

The longer you wear contact lens, it will cause a buildup of proteins and lipids from tears. Other risks that can happen is a chronic allergy called giant papillary conjunctivitis , it can cause you to no longer be able to use a contact lens.

Not maintaining eye health
The eye is a very sensitive organ. So, if you are not disciplined in maintaining eye health are always wearing contact lens, then it can make the eyes become a place of growing germs. Next will result in the emergence of several eye diseases.

Do not remove the contact lens when it hits the water
Water is good for everyday needs such as for drinking and bathing, it was not safe for contact lens. When about to bathe or swim, you should remove contact lenses first. Swimming pool water contains bacteria or amoeba, which, when exposed to contact lenses that would endanger the health of your eyeballs. In the contact lens cleaning, never use tap water. Use special contact lens water.

No clean up hand in hand
You never know what substance attached to the hand. There may be bacteria of the new objects that you touch or from the leftovers after you eat. This could be a disaster. Therefore, treat your eyes with a good contact lens users that no major problems associated with eye health.

In observance of the above habits, the use of contact lens on the eye will become more comfortable. Eye health will be constantly maintained.