Side Effects Using Softlens

Eyes are one of the most important senses of the human person. As people age, the ability of the eye can be decreased and experience hipermetropi or farsightedness. Less healthy lifestyle and eye care as well as how to read, many teens and adults who have myopia or nearsightedness disease, commonly referred to as the eye minus, and require them to use glasses.

Many people feel that using glasses is inconvenient and many are avoiding to use them because they think the frame can make their faces look bad. Although now glasses have become an accessory and is not only used by people with minus eyes only, but some people prefer to use a soft lens.

Although the eyes can look more attractive with the availability of various models and colors, but the use of soft contact lenses also still have side effects on the eye. As reported by Boldsky, here are some of these side effects.

Eye is one of the most sensitive organs. If the hygiene of the lenses are not properly maintained, your eyes can become infected. So keep your soft contact lens hygiene, before and after use, to avoid side effects. Because infection of the eye can be more painful than other body parts.

Red eye
When using soft contact lenses, eye sometimes you feel a burning sensation. Eye is sensitive, so when the eyes are exposed to dust easily become red. By using a soft lens, red eye can progress to inflammation quickly. Lumps and swelling can occur in the eyelid. Bumps like that that make it difficult to use a soft lens back and had to wait for the eye to recover as usual.

Dry eye
Other side effects that often occur from the use of soft contact lenses a long time are the eyes become dry and itchy. This condition is certainly not pleasant to look at and play.

One of the side effects that are often not realized by soft contact lens users are eye allergies. Allergies such as red eye are often experienced when you release the soft lens. Maybe this often happens on your eyes, but it is often unrecognized and still use it.

Soft lens actually should not be used more than 8 hours per day, to keep a steady eye is healthy and normal. Do not forget also to replace regular soft contact lenses according to the capabilities of its useful life, there are products that last only for 1 month, there is also a useful life of up to 3 to 6 months.