Myths About Drugs

Use of the drug can now be spelled as two-edged sword. On the one hand, can provide relief, but on the other hand can cause excessive pain or even death. Problem drug use is good and true is still a complex phenomenon. So many false myths that developed in the community about the use of medications that can actually worsen a person’s health status.

Quoted from Reuters Health, Prof. DR. dr. Rianto Setiabudy, SpFK., A Professor of Pharmacology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia describes the erroneous myths.

Increasing doses of the drug to cause disease recover faster
A patient should not increase the dose of the drug without the doctor’s knowledge is concerned. This action may create new health problems.

The use of more drugs, more potent
It is not the proper way to use different types of drugs to tackle the disease on the grounds that a speedy recovery. The use of drugs with varying types will be useless because the drug is likely to contain the same. If you can, more use of the drug alone.

Medicines ‘expensive’ more effective
There are people who argue with buying expensive drugs, the disease can heal faster recovery. But apparently the assumption is wrong. The public should know that the patent and generic drugs have the same efficacy.

Good medicine to someone, it would apply equally to others
Not all medications are suitable for one certainly fits well for others. An example is someone who share the same minus glasses may not be able to use the same glasses others in its use. To ensure appropriate medication, you should check a doctor.

One big man needs a big dose
Not all drugs had levels ‘less friendly’ if not consumed as prescribed. There are drugs which when consumed in excess jutru will cause harmful side effects.

Injection speed up healing
Many people assume that injecting it heal faster. However, in people who are allergic to the drug delivery by injection is much more dangerous than a drunk, for example, allergies can be life-threatening anaphylaxis. So, do not urge doctors to ask for an injection.

Taking medication for a long time can damage the kidneys
Some hypertensive patients actually suffered a stroke due to a faulty assumption. Many patients think that taking the drug are widely and continuously for long periods can damage the kidneys. And their decision to stop taking drugs can impact more fatal. Precisely what is hypertension kidney damage, not a cure.

Traditional medicine or herbal safer
Traditional or herbal drugs are not necessarily safe. The drug is 100 percent safe placebo, a pill is often used as a control in the study, because it has no efficacy.

Vitamins are essential for the body’s defense needs
Actually, one does not require any multivitamin intake. Because no matter how much vitamin will not be able to replace the position of the food. The use of vitamin only useful if one is deficient.

Dietary supplements are very beneficial for improving health
Supplements is shaped like a drug, but it really is not. Manufacturers can claim anything about the efficacy of supplements they make without having to prove the origin does not claim to cure or prevent a disease. The use of antioxidants and dietary supplements can be accepted to meet the person’s lifestyle, but not an essential requirement in terms of health.

After the explanation, hopefully no more myth wrong in the use of drugs.