Heart Attack Due Calcium Supplements

With growing age, health problems were emerging, ranging disturbances during menopause to osteoporosis. Until, some of whom prevention efforts.

However, older women who take calcium supplements to maintain bone density actually increase the risk of heart attack.

Researchers also warned of the side effects of calcium supplements. “The side effects are the body’s use of calcium supplements be overweight,” said lead researcher Ian Reid of the University of Auckland, published in the British Medical Journal.

The study tested the women who take calcium supplements to prevent osteoporosis-bone condition that causes weak and fragile and fractures.

The study included 1471 women who entered post menopause, average age 74 years. Overall subjects taking calcium supplements to address thinning and fractures.

732 women take calcium supplements regularly and 739 received placebo. After five years, heart attacks were more frequent in the group taking calcium supplements. The composition of the incidence was 31 calcium supplement users compared to 21 women in the placebo group.

Previous studies revealed that calcium supplementation is likely to protect themselves from blood vessel disease by lowering levels of cholesterol in the blood.

According to the study, calcium supplements it can lead to health problems such as increased risk of heart heart attack and stroke, as described in oketips.com.

The higher the calcium intake, the greater the risk. Very interesting to note that this fact was discovered by deliberate .To initially researchers are trying to find the extent to which calcium supplements may protect bones.

But they also find calcium supplements may increase the risk of heart attack by about 30%. Calcium supplements are often prescribed for middle-aged women after their menopause to help prevent osteoporosis.

According to the study, supplements do not seem to have a positive and beneficial effects for health bone .The last, some experts began to suggest to reduce calcium supplements and trying to get calcium from food. This method is believed to be more secure than using supplements.

Calcium supplements can be bad for the heart because it is actually very little calcium that can be absorbed by the body.

Most calcium supplements will only accumulate in the blood which eventually led to the arterial wall calcification. As a result, the arteries become hard and lose functional ability.

Taking a supplement in small amounts can help better absorption. But this does not eliminate the risk of accumulation of calcium in the blood.

While calcium is obtained from foods are absorbed more slowly so that blood does not cause problems such as a calcium supplement.

Absorption of calcium was also associated with the presence of vitamin D. This vitamin can help the absorption of calcium by the body.

Without vitamin D, calcium will last longer in the bloodstream. However, no studies to confirm whether taking calcium supplements with vitamin D reduces the risk of heart disease.

But that does not mean calcium is not needed at all. Calcium in moderation good for the heart because it has the potential to lower blood pressure and maintain heart rhythm in order to remain stable.

One of the best sources of calcium are green leafy vegetables such dark .Milk not containing high amounts of calcium can not be absorbed all the edges by the body, green vegetables contain calcium moderate according to the needs of the body