Guiding Children’s TV Viewing Experience Obesity

Recently, a study revealed that watching TV can lead children to continue eating foods that are not healthy or often called junk food. Research conducted by experts at the Eunice Kennedy Shrive National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, reported that quite a few children who eat healthy food when watching TV.

Leah Lipsky and Ronald Iannotti, two researchers who worked on the research, reported that while watching TV, 8% of the children ate fruit. While the other 18% is used to eating candy and 16% more likely to eat fast food. The report released in the document “Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine”, the more shows that watching TV can lead to poor eating habits.

These figures are not surprising, because the TV is always presenting advertisements of instant food and easy to eat right, but do not have that much effect on the health of the body. The ads junk food, such as sausages, instant snacks and soft drinks, took his time and place more advertisements than fruits and vegetables.

However, Lipsky and Iannotti also found that children who eat junk food while watching TV also have increased consumption of fruits in their food list. It depends on the foods that are around them and they are easy to reach by hand.

“The conclusion is it has no power when compared to the relationship between TV and the increased consumption of sweets, soft drinks, and fast food in general,” said Lipsky told Oktomagazine of Time. “However, this conclusion suggests that children have a tendency to change the habit of eating junk food when in the vicinity there are healthy foods, such as fruit.”

The more time children spend in front of the TV, the more does the number of unhealthy foods they will consume. It is called Lipsky and Ianotti as a habit due to boredom, either while watching TV or while doing the activity in front of the computer. “This habit is one of the patterns that lead us to obesity,” explains Ianotti further.

Lipsky and ianotti expressed hope for the parents to be aware of bad habits. They say that parents should begin to set strict rules in terms of time watching TV. American Academy of Pediatrics has said that children should be given only watch a maximum of two hours.

We also will not be able to “eliminate” the TV from our house. Thus, the two researchers involved in the research said that the habit of eating unhealthy foods, can be changed easily. We just stayed put healthy foods on the table instead of the usual junk food we consume.