Give More Attention Against Canned Food

U.S. Department of Agriculture gave the old standard for any food storage cans produced. For high acidic foods, such as fruits, safely stored for 18 months. While canned vegetables and meats, can last 2 to 5 years.

And Katherine Zeratsky, RD, LD, who is a member of Minnesota and the American Dietetic Association, recommends a long time will have no effect if at the beginning we bought cans already in a state of disrepair. Even after I got home, store canned food in the refrigerator. “Keep away from a place close to the stove or a damp room.

Zeratsky also reminded to clean surfaces before preparing food tin cans. Shortly after the tin is opened, make sure the food is fresh and it still smells stale without the piercing.

Tricks choose canned foods are “good” may have often apply when shopping. But, did you know that a good storage method also determines the life of canned food? Well, to keep it safe to eat in a long time, some of these tips you may need to consider:

Make sure the packaging is in pristine condition and well sealed before storage.
Choose a storage area clean, dry, cool and has a room temperature stable, such as in a closet, kitchen cabinet or enclosed shelf.
In order canned food not stored too long, choose a place that is easily accessible and frequently used as a storage area. Avoid store it in a hidden, dark, too close to the floor or ceiling.
Keep your canned food with the following rules:
Group your products based on canned foods.
Put a new product that you buy in the back of the old product.
Arrange products by nearest expiration dates. If necessary, write the expiration time on a piece of paper and stick it on the product label, facing out.