Fruit That Strengthens the Immune System

Indonesia is a tropical country with weather conditions and environments that can enable a variety of diseases developed with ease. Moreover, the recent weather in our country is not stabilized, the rainy season is hot, rainy summers. One of the most vulnerable disease is tuberculosis.

We all know that TB is a disease that is easily spread because it is transmitted through the medium of air (cough). A researcher from ITB Akhlis Nursetiadi, eksplore S.Si told that in fact 60% of Indonesia’s population are TB bacteria in his lungs, but his condition was fit and strong immune system so that the TB bacteria can not evolve, but if weak body condition ? That’s when the TB bacteria attack.

Well for that Oktomagazine provide tips for our immune or immune system of our body stay fit by eating the fruits that can increase the body’s immune system amid erratic weather conditions.

Fruits enhancing the immune system include:

Avocado fruit crowbar languages ​​prevalent in the market of Indonesia. Rich in vitamin A, phosphorus, calcium, and iron Avocado is believed to lower cholesterol levels in the body, thereby reducing the symptoms of a heart attack. Another benefit of Avocados are able to ward off free radicals which lowers the body’s immunity.

Apples. The fruit is rich in fiber and can be used as food antioxidants that can fight bad LDL cholesterol that clogs arteries. In addition, Apple is also used as a detoxification of the toxins and circulation of nutrients into the body.

Guava fruit is a typical fruit seeds Guava fruit Indonesia. Every year is always evolving. Besides being known as a cure for diarrhea guava also has the highest content of vitamin C than any other fruit. Equivalent nutrients found in guavas kiwifruit. Because vitamin C Guava high doses, the fruit is believed to have antioxidant potency to improve immunity.

Fruit Melon. Like in vitamins A, B2, B1, and C and contains beta-carotene In addition, the mineral content of potassium and magnesium and high levels of well water for cleansing the blood circulation of different types of toxins. Melons are rich in Vitamin A and C can also be used as an antioxidant that can increase endurance.

Papaya fruit contains vitamins A, karetenoid and antioxidants. Papaya also contains papain, an enzyme that can help facilitate digestion in the body so the body more fit and have good immunity

So many-many consume fruits mentioned above so that our immune systems are immune to various diseases. Prevention is better than cure right?