Breast Cancer Dangerous to Men

If we hear of breast cancer, then we would immediately think that the disease is a disease that is familiar with women. And in fact, the men also are at risk for developing a dangerous cancer.

In fact it is said that men who develop breast cancer have a smaller chance of a cure or, when compared with women. It is caused by ignorance of the men that they could be affected by cancer. Based on such ignorance, men are also not able to detect early signs of esophageal cancer.

Opinions come from a group of researchers from the United States. They say that women who develop breast cancer are able to live two years longer than men. The study also found that breast tumors that strike men more “advanced” than the female breast, making it easier to spread to different parts of the body.

Dr. Jon Greif, a breast cancer surgeon in Oakland, California, United States of America, and head of research, says that a lot of men who do not understand that they can get breast cancer. In addition, many of the doctors failed to detect the symptoms of cancer in man. In fact, the symptoms can be detected “warning light” when found in a woman.

According to data collected by the American Cancer Society, men do have a small chance of developing breast cancer. The organization estimates that 1 in 1000 men can get breast cancer, while women have a 1:8 chance. Opportunity male breast cancer is also very small compared to their chance of getting prostate cancer (1:6).

“Breast cancer that strikes men tough enough to be detected on radar or unthinkable,” said Dr. David Winchester, a cancer surgeon from NorthShore University HealthSystem in Chicago, the United States, as quoted Oktomagazine of Time.

Dr. Winchester itself stated that he had discovered a few cases of breast cancer that strikes men in one year. Whereas the same period, he has handled cases of breast cancer in no less than 100 women.

One breast cancer specialist at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, United States, named Dr. Akkamma Ravi, also spoke in this regard. He mentioned that such research should be done on an ongoing basis to increase awareness and knowledge of the men of the risk of breast cancer.

Until now, not much research done to find out the cause or origin of breast cancer in men. However, some symptoms of which can be found in the women could have been used as a basis for detecting cancer in men. Some of these symptoms are bumps around the bottom of the chest or breasts are not the same shape or asymmetrical.