Bangs Hair Can Cause Myopia Eye

All women must want to always look beautiful and charming in every situation. Whatever will they do to get the perfect look not only at the clothes worn, but also on their bodies. Even some ways was made to look beautiful despite its harmful effects to their health, ranging from wearing high heels to perform plastic surgery and breast implants.

However, during this time you may never know that styling it can also give a bad effect on health, especially the health of the eye. As set bangs to the side that it can lead to a myopic eye.

You’ve probably seen and know some of the top Hollywood celebrities are notorious for setting her bangs to the side, such as Nicole Richie, Cameron Diaz, and Jessica Alba. Even celebrities are often seen women who set her bangs over her eyes next to them.

According to dr. Andrew Hogan, an ophthalmologist and a member of the association of optometrists Australia, side bangs that almost cover the eyes or to obscure their views, which can cause disease amblyopia. The disorder commonly called lazy eye or lazy eyes.

“If young people are to have bangs covering one eye in a long time, they will not see some of the details clearly. And if it happens from a young age, the eyes will be amblyopia, “said dr. Hogan.

As quoted from Huffingtonpost, dr. Hogan also explained that the hair out of his eyes like a blindfold act, which may prevent access to sunlight. When the eyes do not get sun light, it can weaken the eye and make the view distance becomes shorter.

Amblyopia occurs when the eye is also transmits images to the brain that causes blurry eye nerve pathways do not develop. Conditions such it most often occurs in young people, including teenagers. But dr. Hogan also said that research has shown a vision may be affected by several things in the future.

Although the arrangement of the hair with bangs that sideways look cool and can cover a broad forehead, but for the health factor, you should avoid such hairstyle. Another option is to set a flat fringe or bangs above the eyebrows can also be extended.

If you really like the ponytail hairdo, the important thing is to keep an uninterrupted view of the presence of these bangs.